Passenger divulga 'Year on Year, Day by Day', sua nova canção

Mantendo a rotina criada nessa quarentena, o Passenger divulgou mais uma canção nova através das suas redes sociais. 'Year on Year, Day by Day' (em português, 'Ano a Ano, Dia a Dia') fala sobre vida, amor e morte. Em sua postagem, Passenger diz que acredita que ainda precisaria trabalhar um pouco mais nela, mas que gostaria de compartilha-la com os fãs.

Confira abaixo o vídeo e a letra:

Year on Year, Day by Day

Well, is life just a walk up a steep hill?
you get to the top and then it's all downhill
you're spinning 'round like the arms of a windmill
and you never slow down

And is love just a foolish emotion?
a Hollywood dream, just a childish notion
plenty of fish but I'm miles from the ocean
for I'm scared that I'd drown

I always thought that I would see it coming
like a train rolling down the line
I never dreamed that I would end up running
away from myself and out of time
hey, hey, hey, I feel it slipping away
year on year, day by day

And how do you know when it's really crunch time?
you can choke on a fortune cookie one unfortunate lunchtime
and I feel death could be the final punchline
of this comedy show
so make 'em laugh before you go

I always thought that I would feel it coming
like a storm in a summer sky
I thought I'd hear the marching band drumming
thought I'd see the fireworks reflecting her eyes
hey, hey, hey, I feel it slipping away
year on year, day by day

Well, life can drag you under
and it can feel so frightening
love can steal your thunder
or struck you down with lightning
and at the end of it you'll say

I always thought that I'd see it land
and the hairs on the back of my neck would stand
but there's not fireworks or marching band
just a letter from the queen if you live longer than planned, oh
hey, hey, hey, I feel it slipping away
year on year, day by day

year on year, day by day
Estamos trabalhando nisso...

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